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Deserting a year where the desires from cell phones were high, we asked innovation editors the best cell phone models that will be discharged in 2020. Progressively useful telephones for writers in two basic zones will be on the racks in the new year: better cameras and better mouthpieces. Likewise utilizing new models of telephones with the presentation of 5g of Turkey additionally communicate live video to high-goals still conceivable later on. As indicated by columnists, we have accumulated the best telephone models of 2020. Some of them go to the fore with their exhibition beast, some are modest and some are long battery life. Brands that innovation editors are recalled with their various models; It was Huawei, OnePlus, iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Honor Play.

The devaluation of the Turkish lira and purchase the most recent models of cell phones because of extra duties in Turkey has gotten all the more expensive as it showed up in 2019. Numerous columnists who utilize cell phones as an instrument to do their calling currently consider purchasing to be most recent telephone as a sort of venture. Hence, it is considerably increasingly critical to have the option to pick the most appropriate cell phone model that can be utilized for a more extended time, address the issues in the best way.

So as to be a guide right now, asked innovation editors and distributers both to make an evaluation of 2019 and to list the best phone models through the eyes of columnists of 2020. Obviously, everybody's needs and tastes can be extraordinary. So our rundown does exclude a decent to terrible positioning. In our meetings, we asked innovation editors the accompanying two inquiries:

RTB innovation manager of Yunus Emre Sahin, Turkey in yet-to-showcase Huawei Mate is of the assessment that the best model in the photo 30 Pro:

"The decent variety in the Android biological system keeps on developing. Here are monster names like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. Indeed, even OPPO is attempting to get a portion of the cake with its creative items. Normally, Apple likewise considers a wide range of parameters so as not to be deserted. The organization, which once declared a solitary model each year, is presently going on three new models in accordance with the requirements.

"The essential decision measure is the stage when purchasing another telephone. Since there are such huge numbers of alternatives on both Android and iOS. Obviously, the significance of the old or current telephone is likewise significant. In the event that you are utilized to the adaptability of Android, you can settle on your decision right now thinking about the cost and different subtleties. Or on the other hand in the event that you have been utilized to the straightforwardness, interface and highlights of iOS for a considerable length of time, it might bode well to pick one of the new iPhones. "

Double back camera and representation mode new benchmarks

"When settling on a buy choice, the most significant point is the cost. Today we are discussing a wide range running from 1000 TL to 15,000 TL. On the off chance that you pick among Android and iOS, you are quite finished the channels. With the internet based life and particularly Instagram impact, the camera is likewise significant. The models with double back cameras make profundity of field between the foundation and subject gratitude to representation modes, while the third and fourth cameras add another measurement to Instagram photography. "

"I am firmly associated with photography and now the best telephone now is Huawei Mate 30 Pro. My rundown proceeds as the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy S10 arrangement. We began from the top, yet suppose a couple of words about passage and middle of the road level. Samsung is settling on radical choices with its new age Galaxy An arrangement, attempting three and four cameras and progressing nicely. The individuals who need to get to inventive highlights at a moderate cost can peruse this family. The equivalent is valid for Huawei's Lite models in the P family. "